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I  updated a few of the website's pages (mostly home, shop & social media pages), so you may see some changes!

New charms will be coming soon to my Storenvy! The order was just recently made, so expect new items 2-4 weeks from now! I'm super excited about it, and I hope you will like the items. I'll be posting my progress images as well as the finished designs over on my Patreon for $5+ patrons! please consider supporting me! Your support will help me make more items to add to my store and you also get to see all the work put into it! Thank you!


Site Updates, New Merch Coming Soon!

First of all, new news page! Cool! I'll keep this relatively updated, or at least keep notes about significant updates.

I've opened a store on Storenvy, please check it out! I'm very new, so there's not much to offer just yet, but please check it out! I'm very excited and happy to finally be working on making my own merchandise to sell! Hopefully I can try hosting an art table at an art convention by the start of next year!

On that note, I've also revitalized my Patreon and will be dedicating it to my adventures and production of store items. I've already made a few exclusive posts sharing sketches and finished products of upcoming charms! You do need to be a pledged Patron in order to see the osts, though! please consider supporting me if you can. :) Eventually I hope to build enough of a community to host giveaways and such for Patrons of my Patreon only. It's gunna be fun. I'm really pumped to be doing all of this!

That's about it for now. Check back soon!


Site Updates, Storenvy & Patreon

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